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"I help individuals achieve the look good feel good mentality, through the power of personal style."

What is personal styling? 

Studies show that 1 in 4 women wear just 10% of their wardrobe and 90% have an item in their cupboard that has the tags still on. Working with a stylist can save time and money by helping you assess the items that you actually need and want, in your wardrobe. In addition to being a practical solution to your wardrobe dilemmas, personal styling can help you define your individuality and inject confidence back into dressing.

Whether it's a new look you're after, or simply help updating your current wardrobe, It's my job to help you develop a renewed love for your wardrobe and conquer any insecurities. Whilst I will encourage you to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone, the most important thing is that your clothes make you feel comfortable. 

With a selection of outfits that consider your body shape, lifestyle and brief, finding and maintaining your style has never been easier.


How can I help you?


Wardrobe Detox

Is your wardrobe cluttered, unorganised and one big mess? Does getting dressed in the morning make you feel stressed?

A Wardrobe Detox is exactly what you need. I will work with you to organise your wardrobe and a create a space for you enjoy! During the process I will de-clutter the items that no longer work for you and identify the hidden gems within your existing wardrobe, ensuring that you can see exactly where things are and when you need them.

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Wardrobe Re-Style

"I have so many clothes, but nothing to wear" Sound familiar?

Devote several hours to updating your look with a Wardrobe Re-Style. The result? A streamlined, stylish and wearable wardrobe. 

Once your personal style requirements have been established, I will get to work to de-clutter the items that no longer work for you and identify the hidden gems within your existing wardrobe as well as introducing you to a selection of must have items within your wardrobe tailored to you.


Personal Shopping

Do you dread shopping? Don’t know where to start or what suits you? I can help.

With the personal shopping experience, I will help you discover looks you'll love and the wardrobe solutions you need from a variety of fashion brands, matched to your lifestyle and budget preferences. 


Online Consultancy

Do you love online shopping but constantly feel disappointed with purchases? Have a habit of last minute panic buying? Need a quick style fix?

The online Personal Shopping experience revolutionises the way you shop. It's an effective, stress free process enabling you to browse and buy at your leisure and is ideal for a 'quick style fix', whether you are looking for a specific item or several new outfits, the service can adapt to fulfill your shopping needs


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