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With the season change, it’s the perfect time for a wardrobe detox. Make every day dressing that little bit easier by thoroughly organising your wardrobe. Warning, it may feel like total chaos at the start but I can assure you, it’s time well spent.

Remove every single item from your wardrobe and drawers, that way you have to assess everything - a fresh start for a new season. As soon as you can visualise what is in your wardrobe, the process of getting dressed will immediately become easier.

It's a great idea to clear out (and clean to avoid pesky moths!) your wardrobe with every season change. The one main problem I come across is ‘too many clothes but nothing to wear’, we’ve all said it. You may well think you know everything that is in your wardrobe but unless it’s staring you right in the face, it’s incredibly easy to forget what you have.

To help you get started, below is a step by step guide on how to streamline your wardrobe...

Step 1:

Create a locations (could be a storage box or bag) for each of the following categories:

  • Sell

  • Donate & Recycle
    (aside from donating to a charity of your choice, H&M have a recycling scheme where you are given a £5 voucher for each bag. Additionally, Smart Works are an amazing charity that take high quality items of clothing).

  • Damaged/ Unwearable
    (charity shops will take damaged and unusable items as fabric to recycle)

  • Storage
    (i.e a seasonal swap packing away all your garments that won’t be worn!)

  • Repair, Tailor or Dry Clean

Step 2:

Remove ALL items from your wardrobe and any additional storage spaces so you can see everything you own. Categorise by garment e.g. jeans and trousers so you are working through your wardrobe methodically and efficiently.

Step 3:

Try on each garment - this is incredibly important. Think about the fit, what other items in your wardrobe you can style each piece with (three minimum is a great starting point) and how said piece makes you feel. If there’s items you are unsure of how to wear/style, ask for a second opinion from someone you trust or a stylist - we’re here for a reason. Unless you are likely to get an item tailored, do not keep it if it does not fit.

Step 4:

Once you are happy with the selection of items you have, organise items back in to you wardrobe in sections - both with drawers and hanging. This will make the process of getting dressed in the morning easier if you have a section for each garment type. Colour co-ordination is great for anyone who prefers a more aesthetically pleasing and visual wardrobe.

Step 5:

By curating your wardrobe, you may find a few gaps. If there are any items you desperately need to replace or that you feel are missing to complete outfits, make a shopping list and stick to it. This will ensure you don’t end up with any extra items you don’t need.

Most importantly, opening your wardrobe and deciding what to wear should not be a chore. Simplifying is certainly a first step in the right direction.

Jessica x

If you would like to book a Wardrobe Detox or need any advice, you can contact me here.