An important aspect in creating a beautifully organised wardrobe is to ensure you have the storage and space required. As someone who had the worlds smallest wardrobe up until a few months ago I can assure you, I’ve tried it all (and seen it all in my job!). You don’t have to have a walk in wardrobe to create a stylish space - organisation is key and I cannot stress how having the right storage materials make a huge difference. So before you start the task of a wardrobe detox, prepare yourself…

Storage solutions - Shop around for the best storage solutions to suit your individual wardrobe, spaces and sizes vary and this is important to factor in. Ikea is great for not only wardrobes in general but pop up shoe boxes and inserts for organisation within drawers. For jewellery, Stackers have a lovely range of jewellery boxes - which funnily enough stack very well. Dust bags are perfect for keeping your shoes and bags in good condition - always keep hold of them when you buy accessories. If I have items in a bag, I attach a kraft luggage style label so I always know what's inside, it’s a time saver.

Seasonal item storage - Breathable storage boxes, garment bags, cashmere pouches and storage bags are ideal for when the season changes and you don't need your out of season items taking up vital space in your wardrobe or drawers. Store in a loft, under your bed or on top of wardrobes for example. Make sure when storing you give them the relevant protection to ensure longevity and deter pests.

Space saving rolled jeans.JPG

Rolling & folding clothes - The way you arrange your clothes is personal preference in accordance to your wardrobe. I would recommend rolling the majority of items you cannot hang. This will enable you to view all the items in your drawers without having to rummage through and mess up the neatly folded piles. There are many ways of folding along with lots of YouTube videos to help you brush up on your skills. Another tip, check materials as you will find some require specific care.

Shoe boxes - Keeping shoes in their original boxes are great if you have the space but a dust or shoe bag is a perfect alternative as they will protect your shoes and avoid any transfer of dirt or colour. It’s always best to wipe clean first too. A little tip - take an image and stick it on the box so you can easily identify what you are looking for and the same when you return the shoes to their correct place, polaroid cameras are particularly good for this task.

Hanging space - Velvet touch hangers are fabulous and a serious space saver (you can buy a 20 pack on Amazon for £11). Now don't get me wrong, the wooden style look lovely but are completely impractical at the best of times especially if you are working with minimal rail space. The velvet style hangers are thin, have a great grip so clothing stays put and also come in a variety of colours and styles. You can also buy multi-functional hangers for items like scarves and belts. Freestanding rails are great if you want to showcase your lovely wardrobe. You can also purchase extendable or push-out rails that fit nicely within wardrobes or small spaces.

You can find my wardrobe detox guide here. Let me know if you have any handy recommendations?

Jessica x

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