Wardrobe Re-Style

Wardrobe Re-Style


"I have so many clothes, but nothing to wear" Sound familiar?

Devote several hours to updating your look with a Wardrobe Re-Style. The result? A streamlined, stylish and wearable wardrobe. 

Once your personal style requirements have been established, I will get to work to de-clutter the items that no longer work for you and identify the hidden gems within your existing wardrobe.

Throughout the session I will provide ideas on how to create new, stylish outfits and utilise any forgotten items, as well as integrating several new pieces to show you how just a few key items can re-vamp your entire wardrobe.

Following the session, you will be able to purchase any items and I will provide you with an overview of the day, including any style tips discussed and a digital style board, which will include any missing or suggested items to enhance and compliment your new wardrobe. You will also have a photographic record of each outfit, styled and accessorised, so that you remember how to piece together each item.

Session duration: 4 hours

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